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Event Name K-Display 2024 Award
Main Contents Select 12 companies that have contributed greatly to the development of new products and technologies in Domestic Display Industry
Participation Exhibitors of K-Display 2024
Scale of Award Total 12(6 Minister prizes & 6 President of the KDIA prizes)
Application Download the application form below and proceed with submission
Benefit Awarding and product provision, operation of a special zone for award-winning companies, distribution of press releases, etc.

<Main Schedule of K-Display 2024 Award>

Classification Contents Date
Completion and submission of application form Excellence of Product, potential for technology growthm economic ripple effect in Display Industry, etc.
Download the application
~26th, June
Examination by committee Comprehensive evaluation based on submitted information In June
announcement of
selected companies
Announcement of final winners In July
K-Display 2024 Awards Present the prize in K-Display 2024 Opening Ceremony 14th, August

Example of K-Display 2023 Award


① Present the prize

Present the prize in K-Display 2023 Opening Ceremony

② Award Zone in the exhibition hall

Establish Award Zone to promote products and technologies of award-winning companies
* Publishing the award name, introduction of company, detailed information on the winning product, etc.
* The location and draft plan are subject to change according to circumstances

③ Free Sponsorship Program(showgruid B)

Mark the location of the award-winning company separately inside of the exhibition show guide

④ Presentation of winning entry

Presentation on award-winning products and technologies for 15 minutes on the stage