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K-Display Exhibition offers the following sponsorship programs
to support effective marketing opportunity For Exhibition Participants
Welcome your support and inquiries.

Programs Amount
(except for VAT)
Availability Notes
1. Lanyard & Name-tag USD 9,000 1  
2. Show Guide Zone A(Back Cover) USD 4,500 1 Insert sponsor content/advertisement
Zone B(Inside pages) USD 2,700 10 Sponsors' product and booth layout location indicated
3. Registration Desk USD 2,700 3 Insert logo at bottom of register
4. Showroom Ceiling Banner USD 4,500 5 Location: Ceiling near the appropriate booth (company)
5. Showroom Floor Banner USD 4,500 5 Location: Attaching two to the entrance of the exhibition hall and the main movement line
6. Souvenirs To Participants
(Offering to Sponsor’s name)
USD 9,000 1 *For Exhibition Participants (more or less 200 corp.)
*Attaching Logo/Imprint to souvenirs
*Types of souvenirs are undecided
To Visitors
(Offering to Sponsor’s name)
USD 4,500 10 *For visitors (draw/for 3 days)
*Stamp tour scheduled to be operated
*Product/Quantity will be decided in the future(after consult)
Review(observe) Contents Awards
(Offering to Sponsor’s name)
USD 9,000 1 *Award an outstanding contents(review)
*The scale of cash prize will be decided in the future(after consult)
7. Café lounge Cup holder
(Insert corporate logo)
USD 9,000 1 *Attaching Logo in the center of the cup holder
*QTY : over 10,000ea / offering free coffee coupon(100ea)
*Decide according to the COVID-19 quarantine rules
(Insert the corporate logo of the lounge (cafe, business press, etc.))
USD 4,500 *Attaching Logo in the center of the Lounge table
*Offering free coffee coupon(50ea)
*Decide according to the COVID-19 quarantine rules
8. Live-Show USD 9,000 2 *An exclusive interview(30min) + Send a promotional text message
*Live stream on YouTube
*Publish video on DIC/CODA platform
9. Purchasing consultation booth Booth UDS 9,000 3 *Attaching sponsors’ logo(table, directory, sign board, etc.)
Directory Back Cover UDS 2,700 1 *Publish ads in participants directory
Inside pages UDS 1,800 4
10. XPACE Bridge + Floor USD 4,500 - *Period : 8.6-8.12 / more than 100 times a day
*Based on 15 sec
*When running a 30 sec ad, it’s set at twice unit price of 15 sec.
Big Bridge USD 5,400
Edge column USD 5,400
Bridge + Floor + Big Bridge USD 9,000
Bridge + Floor + Big Bridge
+ Edge Column
USD 13,500
  • (common) Sponsors’ logo will be marked on publication(related to IMID) and IMID website
  • Insert sponsor’s logo on digital signboard(Top 3)
  • Logo size & location priorities : By sponsorship amount, then by the date of singed sponsorship application

Sponsorship terms and additional discounts)

  • (Long-term Sponsorship) 10% off when you sponsor for three consecutive years. Sponsors of two consecutive years receive 5% off.
  • Top 3 sponsors are posted on digital signboard at the entrance of Hall A
    • Package and long-term sponsorship discounts are not duplicated and are subject to higher discount rates
    • Continuous Sponsored discounts are available regardless of the item

How to apply

Download the application form and submit it by e-mail(ksa@kdia.org)