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Event Name Live Show in K-Display 2022
Date Aug. 10(wed)~12(fri)
Place COEX A hall
Attendance target Around 100 participants in the exhibition and persons in charge of domestic panel and set companies
(within 15 persons each in charge of purchasing and technology of LGD & SDC)
Main program Introducing exhibitors' products,  live streaming, promoting VOD uploads, etc

Detailed Programs

By broadcasting interviews with participants in real time through online channels (such as YouTube), the participants provide promotional opportunities and create a realistic exhibition atmosphere for online visitors

① Promoting domestic and foreign media and SNS

Production and reporting of promotional articles by participants in the exhibition for desired companies (using the K-Display exhibition website and Aving news platform)

Major platform publicity articles

Publicity article using Aving platform

② Transmitting live video of interviews by participants through major platforms (YouTube)

Conduct interviews by inviting Korean and foreign reporters during live broadcasting and adding English subtitles for introducing companies

③ Posted edited interview videos on YouTube and Chinese channels, and distributed to participants

Operation of links to 'Company homepage and contact point' in promotional articles and videos by company

* The edited video is delivered to each participant and can be used as a free publicity tool in the future

<Live Show in K-Display 2022 Process>

  • Application
    for participation

    Submission of
    the application

  • News coverage of
    participating companies

    Report promotional articles
    before and during the exhibition

  • Live show
    on site

    Schedule-based live
    shows will be held

  • Editing and
    posting interviews

    Publish YouTube,
    distribute participants

Promotion schedule

Jun. 30 In Jul. The end of Jul. Aug. 10~12 The end of Aug.
Upload company introduction
and subtitle request materials*
Schedule filming
between participants of the filming company
Production of PR
articles in advance
Distribute promotional articles
and conduct live shows
Production of
promotional articles

* Use as pre-article distribution and interview questions in the future

Document Submission Process(Non-desired participants only)

Deadline ~Jul. 22(fri)

* Participants who refuse to interview will be notified by e-mail by 6.30 (thu), and if there is no reply, we will be included in the live show participation list to guide the progress and preparation procedures.

application method Online application

(link to ‘Apply for Live Show in K-Display 2022 ’ at the bottom)

Ask Lee Jung-woo, Manager, KDIA(02-3014-5760/ljw@kdia.org)
Cha Min-seok, PD, Aving Korea(02-856-3276/good@aving.net)